This site exists for a reason! Here's the reason!

The reason i made a site like this is because Em Reed encouraged it..

Being able to have more control on how the content looks is a simple yet powerful idea. I've been using Medium to recommend games/comics/music/etc., but i don't think it's open to customization. It's blaringly obvious that you're using their site to publish your work on.

However, i think i'll continue to use Medium for recommending media simply because the content is vastly more important than form. The less friction i have with fiddling over details, the more i can shout people out.

This site will be more focused on my own work. Even though i understand that one's personal perspective helps connect people, i cannot shake the feeling of self-indulgence of creating something that is MINE. I don't like attention, and using 'i' so much is uncomfotable for me. However, the chance for someone to relate or feel seen is more important than my anti-ego trip.

Well, um, thanks for reading.

(note: i'm avoiding capitalizing the personal pronoun "i" on purpose)

(another note: this site is not yet polished, but it exists, and that's what matters most to me right now)