I never gave comics a chance until very recently. I stumbled across this article [] about abstract comics, reminding me that i created a couple unfinished pieces a few years ago. This opened up my eyes to the fact that comics isn't just stories about superheroes, it's a medium unto itself.

One of the unfinished abstract comics I made

Once i picked up The Best American Comics 2014 from a used bookstore, i knew i'd be accelerating down a rabbithole. Obliviousness is what kept me away from the medium, despite my appreciation for the funnies section and some webcomics. Sometimes all one needs is a lil' push to cross the threshold.

Of course, being an artist of sorts, i'm wanting to make my own. However, lately, i've been much more intersted in shouting others' work out, rather than creating my own--it's just more fulfilling to me. Yet, i have plenty of ideas that i believe might have merit, generally falling into one of these two categories:

I've had a tendency to use text quite a bit in my art lately, so this almost feels natural. I'm not predisposed to illustration, so i'm not sure how that will work out quite yet. I just know that it's important to try.

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