Art for sale

local pickup only (eugene, or, usa). i will not ship these

cost = pay what you can. i'd rather share my art rather than prevent someone from enjoying it because of economics. under each image, i included the size and approximate time i spent creating it if you want to factor that in.

if you have any of the following you don't use, i would love to barter: nintendo 64, gamecube, wii, switch, ps2, pstv, psp, ps vita

20x16", ~10 hours

abstract design over an abstract background

20x16", ~5 hours

painting an image from a projection, i moved the projector and messed up the horse head so much i just made him wear a hood

20x20", ~3 hours

flat shaded horse teeth over a gum-coloured background

16x20", ~3 hours

bits of texture, spraypainted with a gradient for disruption of linear application of materials

20x16", 2-3 hours

acab lol

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