I post almost everything I make on @oliverblueberry (Twitter). This is a bit more curated.

Digital drawing & painting

Four "still life"s


Combinations of different media. The following is in the digital museum, The Zium Garden.

Character illustration

Yes, I'm a furry. I use these anthropormorphic characters to represent different parts of me to understand myself better. Plus, it's fun drawing cute animals.

Comics and Zines

I'm obsessed with abstract comics. Here's one of many to come.


I make a series of comics called boys i had a crush on before i came out (pictured below). It's exactly what it says it is.

I love recommending cool games to people in an online editable slideshow format. It's called Snack Party.


Sometimes I make games.

Below is a screenshot from "manifesto". It's a bunch of tiny games in five different formats about stuff I want to see more in videogame culture.

Quake mapping

Although Quake is a videogame, I see it as a different medium for myself altogether: I'm more interested in making gameplay that's non-violent, which is pretty much the opposite of what the game is. I write about it here.



I've been drawing graphics on t-shirts for nearly a couple decades now.

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