note: all of my maps are pacifist. these are just a few maps. here are the rest of them.

gay kisses for christmas

adventure map: help your minotaur boyfriend oliver find a vial to un-freeze him. along the way, you kiss other members of your polyamorous family. 100% original textures, including pride flags and random art.

adventure fun with animals and robot friends i love u

outer wilds-inspired map: exit is available at the beginning, and you are given clues on how to find it, whilst using jump boots limited to 30-seconds at-a-time.


all textures are photos of my body - no naughty bits, though!

museum of blue

a drunken audio tour of some artwork by myself and others, with the theme "blue"

washingson jefferton

a recreation of my local skatepark, with pop-up text as commentary of some tricks i've done there

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