hi, i'm quasiotter. my real name is daniel.

this is a blog about playiing ttrpg's from this bundle.

you can e-mail me at oliverblueberry at gmail dot com or twitter at oliverblueberry

what this is:

a blog documenting the quest to play as many of the games in this bundle (https://itch.io/b/770/solo-but-not-alone) before the end of the year. this is also meant as feedback for the developers of these games.

i'm obsessed with videogames but not really ttrpgs. this is because:

♥ i'm an overwhelmingly visual person. i won't even play games with graphics i don't love

♥ my skill to imagine and role-play are very poor (even fiction is difficult to read)

♥ generally, you have to remember rules in ttrpgs. in videogames the rules are boundaries you can't actually cross

♥ the ttrpg world seems very based in social interaction, which is a problem for me because i don't have anyone to play these with. i've tried and failed lol

so the reason i'm doing this is because:

♥ chiefly, to spend time away from my computer

♥ i am solo-ttrpg-curious and haven't really given them a solid chance

♥ after a year, i'm finally admitting i'm lonely, so this is a good distraction

♥ if i don't do this publicly, i can't hold myself accountable, and it'll be too easy to quit

after making a spreadsheet of these games, there are going to be some that i won't be able to do or don't have the time to invest in. if you are reading this and have suggestions for the shorter/more accessible ones, please let me know! (you can edit the spreadsheet, i have a backup) i'm going to try my best.