i have very little experience with tabletop games, period. they weren't really a thing growing up, and i haven't clicked with any of the local gay bear nerds to join.

however, i do have a few experiences with this peculiar ttrpg "scene":

We Are But Worms: A One Word RPG by Riverhouse Games. I liked the gimmick enough to make a purchase.

The Yielded Peace of Little Ground by Riverhouse Games. I started this out, using this not only to start taking care of a plant, but put the energy into hoping for a good path with a boy I liked. The boy and I became partners, but failed hard, I lost the booklet for this, and just decided to keep the plant. It's still healthy from 2 years ago.

HOT GAY BRO DRAGONS by Riverhouse Games (lol) & Some Small Games by Matthew R.F. Balousek. These are in the same paragraph because I wanted to play them with my aforementioned ex, but it just never materialized. I'm still friends with the boy, but I just dropped these two because the relationship wasn't working out. I'll return to these someday.

sub merge by will jobst. This was a beginner-friendly RPG and I want more of these types of things!

♥ I made a bunch of different types of physical games even though I didn't play any of them. I want to continue making games whether I actually play them or not.

Love you