My Welcomed Guest by Dawn Bear Games

it's been a month since the last game i played. a whirlwind of activity and depression is what kept me from it. i feel that rpgs ought to be played in a good state of mind, to prevent a 'bad trip' of sorts. after this game, i don't think that's necessary because sometimes it's self-therapy and not just a tale.

i've been depressed because i've found that most of my friends pre-covid are actually just acquaintances, and my closest friends have moved (literally) or i just don't click with them as well anymore. acquiring my mantids (video below) has helped me quite a bit, and now i feel more centered.

what i didn't expect was a nice bit of self-reflection. i've had people tell me they are excited for me to get vaccines so i can hang out with them again, and i felt uncomfortable because it's not being done on my terms. furthermore, i've been using dating sites more and searching for new people to connect with, but at the same time, i haven't dealt with issues pertaining with the people in my life yet.

anyways, here's the journal:

it was shorter than i imagined, which is a good thing! but it was also so provocative in a way i never imagined. now i feel more empowered to tell people i'm not ready to hang out yet, and to tell the pet store the guarantee wasn't met (i avoid returns as much as possible), and i gotta start therapy again.

thank you yoshi!

p.s. for anyone who reads this, is there a discord or messageboard or something for itch ttrpg people?