Believe by breathingstories & You Are Quarantined With Adam Driver And He Is Insisting On Reading You His New Script by Sandy Pug Games

the reason i'm grouping these two together is because Believe was so short and I had time for a second one.

Believe is the easiest game i've ever played. you are asked to tally what makes your heart smile... and i came up with the following, one ofter the other, only stopping at the bottom of the page because i could keep going a long time. the reason i didn't continue is because i'm so grateful for ... well, not everything, but anything i can think of. i just feel so fortunate to be alive; i feel that that's a wonder in itself. anyways, here's the list:

i'm not sure how i was lucky enough to be wired to think this way, but stepping back and looking at what i have is just overwhelming. right now, i'm very much in the lower class, but i'm living such a comfortable life because my needs are pretty minimal. i do dream of a replacement stereo system, a cuter wardrobe, and a few pets, but that's not necessary. i have food, bed, praying mantids (the essentials.)

i finished quickly, so i decided to move onto adam driver. i'm not very familiar with his work, but i thought i'd give it a shot. here's how it went:

review text: Subterfuge is exactly what it says on the tin. Wonkily, misdirection is not only the common trait in the characters of this claustrophobic whodunit, but of yourself, the viewer. How is this possible in the passive medium of film, you ask? / You are controlling a character in the film. No, not directly, but you will absolutely identify with one of the tangentially-related characters, and you will will their actions, because you are them. I was Cliff, my husband was Marco, and our neighbor was Alex. The term 'uncanny' comes to mind. / What about the plot, themes, architectural makeup? It doesn't matter, you've already lived it, but only in your own body. Recommended, but will not be universally adored.

i have no idea what 'reverse familial unit' means, so i just kinda winged it. i absolutely dislike reviews with certain word counts, but this really forced me to come up with a silly story about a movie that doesn't exist. i'm kinda pleased, but it was a bit of a struggle. i'm not mad because i need to have things pushing me to do things i normally wouldn't.

ahh i don't feel like this blog accurately captures my feelings for these games, but adam driver wore me out of words lol

p.s. for anyone who reads this, is there a discord or messageboard or something for itch ttrpg people? also, any recommendations for other games from the solo but not alone bundle?