i believe education ought to be free. below are recordings from my "understanding art" (art appreciation) class lectures.

Week 1: What to expect; how your life experiences affect the way you see art; the biases that I have as an instructor. (starts at 13:34)

Week 2: Categorizing art (starts at 4:58)

Week 3: Elements of Art & Principles of Design (starts at 3:37)

Week 4: Colour (starts at 8:03)

Week 5: Time & Comics (starts at 5:20)

Week 6: Art History Meta: How art history is biased. (starts at 4:40)

Week 7: Art is Pretentious: How your attitude about art can help or hinder your perception on it. (starts at 5:32)

Week 8: How money affects the perception of art./Can you separate the art from the artist? (starts at 8:33)

Week 9: Videogames: Are they art? What are they? What are the purposes of videogames? (starts at 4:44)

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